Cleaning Your Rabbit Hutch



Have you ever admired how rabbits always look so white and clean? Well, just like cats, rabbits are very clean animals. Thy like very much to be maintained in clean and well organized environments. As a keeper or rabbits, this is one fact that you should never ignore. THz maintenance of a proper Rabbit Expert hutch should be your number one priority. Proper maintenance also includes the proper and regular cleaning of the hutch.

You need to start with the basics; when serving food and water for your rabbits inside the hutch, make sure that you place a mat underneath the bowls. This will help to collect any spillage that might occur as the rabbits are feeding. Once the rabbits are done with the feeding, be sure to remove the bowls and clan them out together with the mat before the next feeding. The same goes for the litter box. You need to toilet train your rabbits well in advance so that they can understand fully well the use of the litter box.

Once the litter box is full, remove it, empty it then clean it before putting it back there. This should be done on a regular basis. The food bowls ought to be cleaned each time before they are refilled with food and eh litter box ought to be cleaned each time it is emptied.
When it comes to the rabbit hutch itself, cleaning it once a week will work very well to maintain it at proper standards provided the above conditions above have been met.

In the event that it is made of wire, you can easily use a wire brush to brush through every corner of the hutch. Use warm water and a mild detergent; this will also help to preserve the hutch and kill all germs. In the event that the hutch has been mad using plywood, you can use a broom to sweep out any particles then a mop to remove all the dust. Again, use some water and mild detergent.

Cleaning the hutch on a regular basis is actually a fundamental of keeping healthy rabbis. His will work very well to keep them safe from diseases and it will also help to ensure that the rabbits have a safe environment to live in. You need o understand that rabbits are very intolerable to stress; it can actually very easily kill them. Having to liv in a dirty hutch can very easily create a stressful environment for rabbits thus this needs to be prevented.


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