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Being Sri Lanka’s leading online news portal, Gossip Lanka delivers the hottest and even the undelivered news not only in Sri Lanka but also to the rest of the world. With Gossip Lanka News Room constructed on Blogger, navigating through the site would be easy for anyone. Even non-Sri Lankan citizens can learn of the country’s happenings through the English Edition button of the page. Here are some of the things you’ll find at the online Gossip Lanka News Room.

Politics is mainly the concern of the Gossip Lanka news team. What makes it different from the news broadcasted on air is that Gossip Lanka takes it first; they publish first the news and the anchors will deliver it on TV and radio. However, most of the news isn’t promoted because the networks, though they say they take no sides, also have their biases. What’s more, the Gossip Lanka news team do not only search for stories to publish within the country, they also deliver international news.

Gossip Lanka News Room does not only work on stories as merely feeding information to the public, they also intend viewers to find something useful in their articles through the ads posted on their page. Here, they can find the freshest job postings. Business holders can also promote their products and services. So not only does Gossip Lanka deliver information, they also make the Sri Lankan citizens productive.

The news room is also open for comments and suggestions. Since the site is made on Blogger, the news articles posted can be placed with reader’s comments. These are being read by the team in order to create more meaningful stories. Also, the Write to Us button enables viewers to express their impressions to the site and how to make it more accessible to all.

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