Key Features of Bark River Knives


There are certain fundamentals that any effective survival knife should have. These are the things that you should always look out for when shopping for a knife. Remember that you are going to be using the knife in difficult situations and the knife ought to be able toe effectively serve you. When shopping for the Bark River Knives, below are the features that you should look at to ensure that the knife is right for you.


The Size of eth knife is a very important feature. Be advised that bigger is never better when it comes to survival knives; the smaller the better. A very big blade will deny you the ability to work on detailed tasks like dressing small game and the carving of precision snare sets.

A fixed blade is a very important feature of any survival knife. It needs to be firm enough to support all the hard tasks that you will have to accomplish while you are out there in the forest or in the wilderness. Apart form that, fixed blades have been shown to be better than folding knives at helping one survive out there in the wild.

It is also important that you get Bark River Knives that have a full tang simply meaning that both the handle and blade have been made using a single piece of continuous metal. To give you a more comfortable grip you will find that the handle side will come with grips or scales attached to it.

A full tang blade usually has a much better profile meaning it will work better to help you survive out there and perform more tasks. Partial tang blades are also advised against due to the fact that it is very easy to loosen with time especially when they are continuously used to perform hard tasks such as chopping, prying and batoning.

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