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We Buy Houses: Protecting Yourself from Real Estate Scammers


It is very common now days to come across adverts of people who are buying houses. This fact is also contributed by the fact that most people face the problem of foreclosure and in such situations the most appropriate option is to approach the real estate guys. But the problem is how to identify a credible we buy any house claim from a fake one.

It is obvious that in such a lucrative money-making venture there are also plenty of individuals who are not genuine seeking to fleece money from unsuspecting people. Most of these people take advantage because in most case when your house faces foreclosure you are often in a panic mode and you do not seem to think rationally.

One thing you need to understand is that once your house gets into foreclosure status, the default records are made public almost immediately. There are therefore chances that you will receive call from various companies that purport to provide foreclosure protection.

Most of them are of course genuine companies but you still need to treat each one of them with caution. The best thing to do always is to make sure that you take your time, do not be in haste because you might fall into the trap of scam companies. There are certified loss individuals who can assist negotiate your mortgage loan.

In order to avoid falling into the trap of scammers, financial experts advise that you at least interview three or more real estate agents before making up your mind. Do not get so much excited by ‘we buy any house’ adverts that you see on TV or hear over the radio because in most cases they will not really help you out of the situations.

After you have talked to at least three real estate agents you will be able to determine which one is genuine and offers a better deal than the other. It is after which that you can now allow them to carry out the transaction.

Last but not least, ensure you have all your house documents prior to the sale of your house. This is because sometimes real estate companies might delay the process because of lack of proper documents showing that you are the real owner of the house. This happens mostly if you also bought the house from a third party and never received all the documents pertaining ownership of the house.

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